January 2021

Lucky is a fitting name for this kitty. She survived severe injuries — probably the result of her climbing inside a vehicle’s engine compartment to keep warm and then being struck by the fan belt once the engine started.

February 2021

Mites are microscopic parasites that cause mange. Although dogs and cats are most susceptible to these highly contagious organisms, mites can infect people, horses and other domestic animals.

March 2021

Copper deficiency is a significant bovine health issue in Western Canada where soils and plants may have low copper levels and copper may be tied up by other minerals.

April 2021

If you have horses or cattle and dogs, be aware that ivermectin, a common ingredient found in equine and bovine deworming products, can be deadly to some dogs.

May 2021

Isolation protocols are critical for equine biosecurity. By setting up isolation pens that are well separated from the herd, you can isolate horses that are new to your herd or returning from shows or events.

June 2021

Thanks to eTick, an online surveillance program, you can now submit photos of ticks to an online database for identification by University of Saskatchewan researchers.

July 2021

Animal rescue groups need your help to address the issue of cat overpopulation.

August 2021

Obesity can decrease lifespan and affect the quality of life for people as well as their cats and dogs.

September 2021

Rabies is a zoonotic viral disease that attacks the central nervous system of mammals, causing death.

October 2021

Horses are at a higher risk for laminitis in the fall — particularly obese animals or horses with a history of laminitis, metabolic syndrome or pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID).

November 2021

If your dog has separation anxiety, this behaviour usually signifies a noticeably dependent relationship between you and your dog.

December 2021

As more western Canadian cattle producers graze their cattle on standing corn fields, rumen acidosis (grain overload) has become a significant concern.