Clinical services

Updated June 14, 2021

The WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre (VMC) has resumed normal operations in all of its clinical services except small animal surgery, which remains closed to all cases other than emergencies and urgent care. 

Clients may now enter the reception areas of the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre. Please wear a medical-grade mask and maintain your physical distance in the building. Please visit the "preventive measures" section for more information. 

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Information for Animal Owners

If at all possible, please call the appropriate clinic before coming in for emergency services at the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre. Advance notice gives the clinical team some time to prepare any necessary equipment and to alert emergency staff so the animal can be efficiently treated as soon as you arrive.

  • Small Animal Clinic: 306-966-7126
  • Large Animal Clinic: 306-966-7178
  • Field Service: 306-966-7178

After regular office hours, an answering service will contact the WCVM veterinarian on call, and the clinician on duty will return your message as soon as possible.

If your animal needs urgent or emergency care and you are unable to reach us by telephone, please come to the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre. Once you arrive, please pick up the telephone in the clinic foyer and follow the posted instructions. Please tell the person who answers that you are in the foyer and someone will come immediately to assist you.

Emergency fees are charged for the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre's emergency services.

Maps and Directions

 52 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, SK S7N 5B4

The Small Animal Clinic entrance is located on the east side of the WCVM building (overlooking Veterinary Road).

The Large Animal Clinic entrance is located on the north side of the WCVM building (just east of Veterinary Road). 

Traffic on Veterinary Road is designated as one way travelling north.

Information for Referring Veterinarians

If a referred patient is an emergency case, please complete the following steps:

  1. Send your patient and client on their way to the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre.
  2. Contact the appropriate clinic to provide more details and your client's estimated arrival time.
  3. Complete the appropriate referral form.

 The WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre charges an emergency fee. 

A clinical intern or resident (under a senior clinician's supervision) will accept a referred patient and will transfer the animal to a specialty clinician/service, if appropriate. 

As a referring veterinarian, you will receive a final written report after the case is discharged.