PLEASE NOTE: The WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre is not accepting any new applications for its volunteer program until Fall 2019. Thank you for your interest!

Volunteer Info Sessions

If you are an undergraduate student who is interested in volunteering at the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre:

Please note that all prospective volunteers must attend an orientation meeting where policies, relevant paperwork, scheduling and general volunteer information will be discussed. The WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre will host two orientation sessions on different dates during the fall. Meeting times and dates will be posted on the VMC website.

Volunteer Programs

The WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre annually offers volunteer programs in its Small Animal Clinic during two different sessions.

September to April (during academic year)

The WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre offers volunteer opportunities to:

May to August

The WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre offers a high school volunteer program for Grade 12 students in supervised work programs who are interested in pursuing veterinary medicine as a career.

This annual program is organized in March and April through counsellors at local high schools.


For more information, email:

Nadine Schueller
Technical Services Manager
WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre