Veterinary dermatology service update

April 28, 2023

Until further notice, the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre (VMC) is not accepting referrals to its veterinary dermatology service due to a personal leave.

Please ask your regular veterinarian to refer your pet to other available veterinary dermatology specialists in Western Canada. Please visit the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology website to access a directory

The VMC will notify any referred clients who are waiting for an appointment and ask them to contact their regular veterinarian for a new referral. 

Current VMC patients that were previously seen through the hospital's dermatology service will be rechecked by the VMC clinical team.

Any clients whose pets were on immunotherapy may request refills of the medication from their regular veterinarian. Clients may contact the VMC's pharmacy service (306-966-7120) for assistance.


The WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre offers a dermatology clinical service for small animal patients. The team includes a board-certified veterinary dermatologist and a registered veterinary technologist (RVT) designated to dermatology cases. 

What to Expect

A senior veterinary student or registered veterinary technologist (RVT) will meet you at the Small Animal Clinic reception and bring you and your pet to a vacant examination room.

The veterinary student or RVT will ask questions about your pet’s medical history and then perform an initial physical assessment of your pet with the assistance of an RVT.

Sometimes it’s easier to perform a complete physical examination with additional help. The veterinary student may ask to bring your pet to the clinic’s treatment room for examination by the veterinary clinician with the help of other students and RVTs.

Once your pet has been examined and the care team has made an assessment, the veterinarian and the veterinary student will return to go over the initial assessment with you and to give you their diagnostic recommendations. They may suggest additional diagnostic tests such as blood tests, ear or skin cytology, or an ultrasound examination.


Our Team

The WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre's clinical team members are dedicated, compassionate people with specialized training and a diverse range of experiences. In addition to providing our patients with high-quality care and support, we are helping to train Western Canada's next generation of veterinary professionals.

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