Submitted photo.
Submitted photo.

Photos critical for ophthalmology referrals

The old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words," is certainly true when it comes to ophthalmology referral cases at the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre.

If you are referring a patient to the WCVM's veterinary ophthalmology service, the veterinary teaching hospital's clinical team recommends that you submit at least two or three images of the patient's eye issue along with your referral. 

For the clinical team, the opportunity to review digital photos is especially vital when it comes to triaging ophthalmology patients. The additional visual information helps them gauge the critical nature of each animal's health issue as they review incoming cases. 

The team welcomes closeup photos taken with a cell phone (preferably set to a high quality setting for images). After the photos are taken, a referring veterinarian can submit the photos through the VMC's online referral form — along with the patient's medical history, medical imaging files and other information. 

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