Did you know dogs and cats need blood too?

Over the past year the WCVM’s Veterinary Medical Centre (VMC) has given more than 200 blood and plasma transfusions – the demand exceeds our current supply.

We are seeking donors for our blood donation program.

Please consider enrolling your dog or cat in our blood donor program to help save lives.

Eligible pets

We are seeking donor dogs and cats.

All donors must be:

  • Healthy, with a friendly temperament
  • No history of contagious or serious diseases
  • Have never received a blood transfusion
  • Up to date on vaccines
  • Not fed a raw food diet
  • Not on any medications


  • 1-8 years old
  • Lean body weight, > 5 kgs
  • Easy to handle
  • Kept indoors
  • All feline blood types needed


  • 1-8 years old
  • Lean body weight, >22.7 kgs
  • Females must be spayed
  • Easy to handle
  • Known travel history
  • DEA 1 negative blood type preferred

Time commitment

Donors are asked to make four scheduled donations per year, with a potential for two additional emergency donations.

Scheduled donations will occur on weekends. Donors must be brought to the VMC, and the donating appointment will take up to two hours.

Donation process

  • Pets are weighed
  • They will receive a physical examination, then have a small amount of blood drawn for a pre-donation screening
  • Cats are sedated while the blood is taken
  • If the donor is in good health a small area will be shaved on their neck
  • The animal lays on their side and blood is drawn from the jugular vein
  • Dogs donate about 450 ml and cats donate about 50 ml. This takes about 10 minutes
  • Your pets’ body starts to replace blood cells immediately after donation
  • It’s recommended that dogs do not perform any strenuous activity on the day of the donation
  • Proper after-care is explained after each visit, and your pets’ red blood cell is checked prior to their next donation


Donor pets receive free vaccines, tick/flea prevention, dewormer, complimentary bloodwork performed yearly and free blood product at the VMC if required.   

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