Photo: Christina Weese.
Photo: Christina Weese.

VMC advises vets to go elsewhere for urgent eye care

If you're a veterinarian with a patient requiring urgent or critical eye care, the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre advises you to check with other speciality veterinary clinics in Western Canada for assistance.

An influx of cases and an ongoing staffing shortage in the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre's (VMC) ophthalmology service is prompting the veterinary teaching hospital to divert urgent and critical cases to other specialty clinics in the region.

While the veterinary teaching hospital is still accepting ophthalmology referrals, the VMC cautions that referred clients will experience longer-than-normal wait times for appointments with the centre's board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists.   

Here's a list of alternative veterinary ophthalmology service providers in Western Canada:

The VMC apologizes for any inconvenience and appreciates everyone's patience during this temporary situation. If anyone has questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Steve Manning (; 306-321-5923). 

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