A beef cow and her calf enjoy the morning sunshine at the LFCE’s Forage Cow-Calf Research and Teaching Unit. Photo: Christina Weese.

April 2022

If you have horses or cattle and dogs, be aware that ivermectin, a common ingredient found in equine and bovine deworming products, can be deadly to some dogs.

New calving rotation at LFCE

A new clinical rotation at the Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence (LFCE) allows senior veterinary students at the WCVM to participate in a busy calving season at the research facility.

Over the two-week rotation, veterinary students work with LFCE staff to help over 400 cows and heifers give birth. Students practise skills such as anticipating the stages of normal birth, identifying when they need to intervene, and learning how to pull a calf during a difficult birth.

After calving, students ensure that the newborns are alert and able to stand and drink antibody-rich colostrum (mother’s first milk). Tagging, vaccinating and injecting vitamins are also part of daily activities.

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