Paw Print Impressions


Saying good bye to a beloved animal can be a sad, stressful time for families. To help provide a cherished keepsake, the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre (VMC) is working with Peartree Impressions to arrange for one clay paw imprint of a family's deceased pet.

Peartree Impressions is a Calgary-based ceramic studio that specializes in providing unique ceramic paw print impressions to commemorate the lives of pets.

Here's an overview of the process: 

  • The VMC clinical team will use one of Peartree's all-natural clay impression kits to take a paw print of the deceased pet. The VMC provides one complimentary paw imprint impression (after euthanasia) to the animal's family. VMC staff can take additional impressions for a fee of $19 (plus taxes) per print. 
  • Once ready, the pet's owners have the option to send the clay impressions to Peartree Impressions for personalized options that suit each family's taste and budget.
  • Please view the Peartree Impressions' website for more details about personalized style and colour options. Costs range from $69 to $239. For more information, contact Peartree Impressions (1-888-836-7297 or  


If you have questions, please contact Andrea Gibson ( or 306-966-8795).